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Digital Transformation

Industry's best practices and modern web technologies in web app development for your project.

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Leverage the expertise of top professionals

Our designers and developers have the vision and talent to make a website come alive – and perform at the max. Nothing is left to chance, and each design element entices users to move further in. Your audience will feel pleasure when interacting with your business online. More pleasure = more customers. Time to redesign? Let’s get visionary.

Web3 Development

We design and develop interactive WEB3 solutions using blockchain, AI, IoT and cryptography technologies. With expertise in WEB3 tools, frameworks, APIs, and programming languages like Rust & Solidity, our developers cater to diverse industries, from gaming to real estate and fintech. With expertise in Rust, Solidity, Golang and frameworks like Substrate and Brownie, we build next-gen dApps to support web3 projects. Our web3 developers stay focused on building customized web3 dApps rich in scalability, security and interoperability attributes.

Machine Learning & AI

We are a top-notch AI development company, known for developing AI solutions with an innovative approach that is resilient, open, and repeatable. It helps us achieve the required quality and agility in our Artificial intelligence solutions. Let's add intelligence to your business and make it brilliant. Outsource talented AI developers from us who can successfully combine the strengths of humans with AI. We offer high-quality AI software development services by combining machines' speed, logic, and consistency with common sense, emotional intelligence, and the empathy of humans. Have an AI project/idea in mind?

Computer Vision

Leverage our computer vision consulting services for the rapid deployment of AI to generate accurate and meaningful insights. We can help you develop computer vision solution architecture suiting your industry and business needs. Our computer vision consultants can also help you deploy and integrate the solution per your goals. CV Services :Data Labelling,Object Detection,Object Tracking,Image Classification/Segmentation,Intelligent Video Analysis,Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Natural Language Processing

WAIB3’s Natural Language Processing as a service is a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and linguistics. By implementing NLP capabilities in your business, we can help you build a system that is capable of analyzing, reporting and communicating just like humans do. Our NLP data developers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in converting structured or semi-structured data into actionable insights in a multitude of use cases, such as: 1.Understand more about your customers though sentiment analysis 2.Identify, analyze and process structure and unstructured data from an extensive database 3.Improve the accuracy and efficiency of the documentation process 4.Find the product sources and compare them with the vendors 5.Get a sense of what’s happening with your competitors

Blockchain Technology

WAIB3 assists customers in adopting Blockchain technology by tackling process and technological compatibility challenges throughout the decentralized network. Our team of Blockchain specialists build enterprise- class Blockchain apps and make you Blockchain Ready! Our specialty is developing decentralized applications that use blockchain technology. We specialize in developing DApps for DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and other applications, providing new solutions to match your specific needs.

Smart Contracts,dApps,Hyperledger

Bring our team on board to create self-executing EVM smart contracts that can't be breached, hacked, or rejected. Transact in a safe, rapid, and reliable manner without the need of middlemen. We assist in obtaining benefits such as enhanced performance, scalability, information security, and digital keys through Hyperledger development. Our specialized team of Blockchain developers can assist you with tokenizing whatever asset you choose while maintaining integrity, transparency, and efficiency. Use AI to build solid identity management systems and give real-time access to high-quality data for all Blockchain-based processes.

NFT Development

We provide NFT development services to establish feature-rich NFT markets on the Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polkadot blockchain networks at WAIB3 Technologies. We have you covered from NFT creation to wallet integration! Our NFT Marketplace Development Services include the following: NFT Marketplace Design and Development ,NFT Smart Contract Development and Audit,Progression of NFT,Support & Service for the NFT Marketplace

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

WAIB3’s Big Data & Analytics services equip your organization with valuable and actionable data insights by applying advanced analytics and re-engineer the data to trace patterns like customer buying behaviour ,product browsing , preferences , most searched services etc. With our services like data visualization and database management , we help you speed up your business decisions and augment the efficiency of your business processes. Solutions Offerings: Big Database Management, Big data testing, Big Data Infrastructure and Engineering, Business Intelligence & Advanced data analytics, Big data security and Information management.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We offer bespoke RPA consulting services, ensuring thorough evaluation, planning, implementation, and support for your RPA project. Our RPA consultants can create a strategic plan for RPA implementation by outlining the objectives, benefits, and risks. RPA Services Offered: Enterprise python automation: Scale and govern code-based automations in the enterprise with the state-of-the-art and secure platform. An alternative to RPA via Robocorp. AI Actions: Create and deploy collections of Actions that securely expose the chosen functionality of your apps and data to AI agents. AI-ready data : Build and operate robust data loaders for RAG apps that can access anything from databases to documents to websites.

OpenAI Development

WAIB3 utilizes the power of OpenAI to build robust mobile applications for your business.WAIB3 is a top AI app development company where we design, develop, and deliver custom AI app development services using OpenAI APIs like GPT, Codex, and DALL·E.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

We integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance digital transformation, connecting devices and systems for improved data collection, real-time analytics, and operational efficiency.

Prompt Engineering

We follow good prompt engineering principles help to ensure that the prompts are optimized for the specific AI tool and use case. We offer designing and crafting input prompts for a language model like GPT-3/4 in order to guide its output and generate specific or desired responses. It involves carefully selecting or constructing the initial text that a language model is provided, in order to elicit a specific kind of response or output. Tips for good prompts include: Try to be specific, detailed and descriptive about the desired outcome. Articulate what the model should prohibit from doing, and provide what do to instead.

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