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Smart teams

We provide a diverse team of developers with a wide range of expertise to cater to your unique requirements.

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Leverage the expertise of top professionals

At our core is a team of expert recruiters with extensive IT experience, who bring an unrivaled level of expertise and dedication to the table. We use a consultative approach, taking the time to truly understand your unique needs, and leveraging our vast network of top-tier IT talent to quickly find the perfect match.
Whether you’re looking for short-term contract staffing or permanent placement, Intuitive has the expertise and resources to deliver your staffing solutions. Our focus on Digital Technologies, Software Development, and cloud services means that we have the right industry knowledge and expertise to quickly provide the best talent for our clients.

Offshore Partnering

If your project is large or requires knowledge in different domains, we will form a multidisciplinary team that best fits your need. It can be a single or multiple members with different skill sets. For a team size of more than three members, a dedicated project manager on WAIB3’s side will facilitate coordination and planning. Such an engagement is typically long term and is of strategic importance.

Directly employed developer

In this model, you employ one or multiple developers at our location for a fixed period. We recommend this form of collaboration for projects that span for at least 6 months and more.

Short-Term Contracts

Sure, it’s about finding someone who fits on paper. But firms like ours know it’s much more that. Even when it’s a short engagement, we are committed to finding the right fit.

Long-Term Contracts

Long term contracts are about finding the right culture fit for your team, who’s also got the chops & work ethic to deliver.

Monthly or yearly packages

If you are unsure about project volume or skill sets needed every month, its rather safe to allocate certain amount of development hours per year. Then you can use those hours over a period. We recommend this model to agencies who has business peaks and lows.

Fix price projects and locally managed projects

Fix priced projects are perfect for projects with defined scope, timeline, and budget. For such projects, local project management can be helpful to save you time in managing the remote team. A local interface can also help if requirements are difficult to convey to remote team.

Hire Full Stack Developers

Hire our full-stack developers who can develop any type of web and mobile apps from scratch. We can work on different tiers of databases, APIs and servers.

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